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Site moving to the council website:       More information  about the move.

Scouting Blog

Last week I linked to an article on the BSA National Website about Risk Management. This article was very detailed and covered a large range of activities. Perhaps the title is a little frightening. Scouting is a very safe activity! If you read the article it points out that many activities seem high risk, but in fact are not. The benefits far outweigh the risks.
There is the old joke that if bicycles were invented today, they would be considered too dangerous for general use. It is true that thousands of children are injured each year while riding bikes, but most of us understand the risks and consider it an acceptable activity when wearing a helmet! We may be uncomfortable with rappelling for example, but done properly is safer than cycling. Read more

Training Opportunities

Cub Scout Leader Specific training, Cubmaster, Den Leader, Committee member and more. 
Saturday, 2014, September 20 (All day)

Camp James Ray, September 25-27 & October 16-18, 2014
This course for adult leaders in Boy Scout units. Leaders who work directly with boys in a unit should attend. The class meets 3 times.
Backcountry Advanced Training, Classroom Meets twice, 10/23/2014 and 10/30/2014.
Registration now available!
(updated date)
Boy Scout Outdoor Leader Skills Training. Learn by participating in a scout campout.


School Night For Scouting (SNFS) is already upon us. As the summer winds down, we’re now gearing up for the fall, and our School Night for Scouting team has been hard at work making sure we offer all we can to you, the leaders, for your School Night efforts.
As Chuck Holden pointed out in a recent blog, volunteer labor is essential to the success of many critical programs in our community. Northern Trail is no different. There are several positions which need to be filled. Don't assume that someone else will do it. Lend a hand today!

Online Scouting Resources

Need some ideas for a scouting event?  Check out Google, Bing etc.  Use good judgment, not all the material  is appropriate, but there is a world of information out there on the web. 

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