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We are back up and I don't think we lost any data.  The vendor was finally able to restore the database.  This outage impacted a number of sites which is why it took so long to fix.  We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

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Action Needed

Attention unit leaders, recharter packets with membership cards will be available for you to pick up at the Northern Trail Program Preview. If you are not able to attend, please send a designated leader to attend program preview to obtain your packet and other great resources that will be available for you. Any questions can be directed to
Great things are happening at our camps all over our council. With Friends of Scouting in full swing, lets visit some of our programs and the camps that are available! Continue reading
Twilight Camp 2016 is coming June 6-10th. Registration available now!
Check out the fun from last year:
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We need to know which camp your unit is planning on attending this summer. Planning out a summer camp takes time and requires an approximate head count to insure we accommodate all scouters.

Please email Jesus Vazquez with the two following items: which camp is your unit attending this summer (even if it's a camp outside C10): Approximate number of scouts attending:

Be sure and get out there and sell Camp Cards. Last day to turn in unsold cards and money is May 13th

It's easy and helps demonstrate how our program and its members provide many selfless hours of volunteer service supporting and improving our local communities. Keep reading

Training Opportunities

Council-sponsored Texas Camp Code Facilitated Adult YPT is planned for each Wednesday in April in preparation for the upcoming camping season. By invitation Only.

Oak Leaf is a junior leader experience designed to supplement Troop level training and prepare Scouts for NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training). It is for Boy Scout youth, First Class Rank or above who will be serving in a leadership capacity within their Troop. Minimum age is 12 years old at time of course.


Northern Trail District has many excellent opportunities to expand our membership and help us attain the Journey to Excellence district performance award. We found that over half the churches in Richardson do not charter a unit, and we want to bring Scouting to them. To help us create new units, BSA National has prepared a 12 Step process from identifying a prospective charting organization to presenting the charter.

If you are passionate about the program contact our Membership Chair Rogge Heflin:, 469-328-7967

We had two Arapaho Chapter youth Arrowmen keep their Vigil at Constantin this weekend…Graham Rosen (Troop 1077) and Stephen Berry (Troop 890). (Thanks to Scott Thompson who provided the pictures.)
We had a perfect weekend at Camp Constantin for Camporee 2016! Over 400 youth and adults participated in the weekend competitions. Check out the winners and a few pictures. Continue reading

Venturing Crew 728, Richardson, TX, is looking for 3 youth participants (co-ed aged 14-20) to join us at Philmont this year (all adult slots are full). Our crew will be departing either July 18 or 19 to put in on July 20. We will be returning to Richardson on the evening of August 1. If you are interested, please contact Joe Tavares and he can give you the detailed preparation information and costs. Joe's contact information:  and (214) 675-4378.

Online Scouting Resources

Need some ideas for a scouting event?  Check out Google, Bing etc.  Use good judgment, not all the material  is appropriate, but there is a world of information out there on the web. 

Scouting Blog

When I was in school many years ago ... Continue reading
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