March 24, 2013

On The Calendar

4/2 Tuesday District Committee Meeting FUMC Richardson
Room Change, 227A Education Building
4/3 Wednesday Face-to-Face-Youth-Protection Fairfield & Circle Ten Registration required.
4/4 Thursday Commissioners Staff Meeting
4/6-7 Sat-Sun Oak Leaf (Course Full!)
4/9 Tuesday Boy Scout Roundtable
4/9 Tuesday Arapaho Chapter Meeting
4/11 Thursday Cub Scout Roundtable
4/12-14 Thursday Venturing Rendezvous

Camporee Report

Thanks to everyone who helped make Camporee a success. Here are a few pictures, more to come. If you participated in Camporee this year, please tell us about your experience, if you did not participate, please tell us why. Camporee Evaluation.

Twilight Camp, Cub Scout Fun

Twilight Camp Information -- June 10-14, 2013 Breckinridge Park, Cub Scout Fun. Registration for Twilight Camp Walking Den Leader Training now available. Don't forget you will need Face-to-Face Youth Protection Training. Camp Registration is also available.

Action Needed Now

Sign up for Twilight Camp -- Early Bird rate until April 30th.
Sign up for Walking Den Leader Training Two sessions available.
Sign up for Face-to-Face YPT Required for, summer camp, Twilight Camp or Webelos Resident Camp. Good for two years.
OA Membership Renewal -- Many Arrowmen have not renewed there memberships for this year. Please take the time to go to and renew on-line.
Internet Advancement -- Unit advancement chairs, are you entering advancement information online? If your still using paper, there is a better way. Learn more.
Twilight Camp Staff Needed -- Come and help at Twilight Camp! We are looking for walking den leaders, area leaders for each rank area, program staff and range staff. Contact Barbara Richer at 214-478-3972 for details of specific responsibilities.. More information.

Other Upcoming Events

Venturing Rendezvous 2013 -- Friday 12 April 2013 - Sunday 14 April 2013, most activities on Saturday April 13th. All Venturing and Venturing age units.
Cub Scout Roundtable News -- Check out what's happening at Cub Roundtable.
Venturing Rendezvous 2013 -- Friday 12 April 2013 - Sunday 14 April 2013, most activities on Saturday April 13th. All Venturing and Venturing age units.
Circle 10 Parent & Pal Western Days -- April 26-28, 2013. Cub Scout Fun at Camp!


Scouts Deserve Trained Leaders -- Don't try and wing it! Get trained and you will not only better understand the program, you will accomplish more with less effort. Training is for all parents, not just the front line leadership. If you are trained, you can better help your child advance in the program. The program is unique and the methods are not obvious, don't guess, get trained.
Face-to-Face-Youth-Protection -- Wednesday April 3, 2013, 7:00PM. Two classes, one at Fairfield office and one at Circle Ten office. Needed for Twilight Camp, Webelos Resident Camp and Summer Camp. Advance registration required.
Boy Scout Outdoor Leader Skills Training -- Weekend 4/12-14/2013. Part 2 (Campout). Learn by being a part of an actual scout troop and go camping. Excellent training and a lot of fun. This course requires advance registration and preparation.
Outdoor Webelos Leadership Skills Training -- Saturday - Sunday 4/13-14/2013. For Webelos Leaders, this training is designed to help leaders learn how to provide a memorable camping experience for their Webelos Scouts and parents or guardians. You will learn by doing, actually participating in an overnight camp out at a scout camp. This course requires advance registration and preparation.
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) -- Saturday 4/13/2013. This course is targeted at Cub Scout leaders who have a desire to plan and carry out an introductory level outdoor experience for their pack. Taking Cub Scouts outdoors is a great way to keep them interested in scouting. Get the proper training on how to have a safe and enjoyable outings. This course requires advance registration and preparation.
Oak Leaf Training -- Weekend of 4/6-7/2013 at Camp Wisdom. Your scouts will make better leaders with good leadership training. Registration now available. Make plans to attend.
NYLT -- Highest level of youth leadership training available for boy scouts, varsity, venturing and sea scouts. Designed to complement Wood Badge training for adults. See NYLT website for more details. "Every youth deserves the opportunity to be a trained leader!"
Woodbadge Courses Advanced training for scout leaders. A life changing experience. More Information

Unit Re-Charter Update

(Last update, Thursday, 3/21/13) Congratulations to the units that have re-chartered and are ready for another great year of Scouting! If you don't see your unit on this list, and you think it supposed to be, or if you need any additional information, please contact Will Hall at or 803-206-0827. All units in Northern Trail are able to recharter now and here are the steps to complete the task: Checklist. Don't delay, get it done today. Help is available, just ask!

Packs 88, 104, 129, 435, 437, 473, 516, 576, 727, 823, 871, 890, 893, 894, 1010, 1026, 1077, 2054, 2196
Troops 81, 104, 118, 317, 435, 437, 444, 570, 728, 751, 777, 778, 895, 897, 1001, 1010, 1026, 1077, 1191, 2054, 2196, 2485, 2196, 2485
Teams 104, 1010, 1026, 2196
Crews 104, 118, 728, 890, 891, 892, 893, 1010, 1026, 1077, 2196


Public Awareness -- Northern Trail District's Marketing & Public Awareness Chair is Marjie Price. Her role is to help promote the District within the community. If you have stories about your unit's activities, such as service projects, Eagle projects, and other scout successes, she wants to help you get these items featured in the local media. Marjie can be reached at

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Yours in Scouting,

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Northern Trail Webmaster

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