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Twilight Camp Staff Needed

We are still looking for adult and junior staff for Twilight Camp. This is a Twilight Camp so you only have to commit from about 3:30PM to 9:00PM each evening during camp.

Staffing Twilight Camp is a rewarding and fun activity. Contact for staff information: Marti Ruser 469-223-1218 Please this link to register. No one may staff without registering in CampMaster. Select Adult Participant and then choose Adult Staff. All staff who are 14 or older must fill out the Adult In State Compliance Form and have either the online YPT (taken on or after March 13, 2018) or Face to Face YPT certification.

Even if you can only help for one or two days, your help is needed. Any help will be appreciated.

Junior Staff Members

Twilight Camp can use the help of all volunteers who have completed the fifth grade and are willing to help staff. Service hours will be recorded and can be used for scout advancement or school. If you have a youth who would like to staff, please register using this link. No one may staff without registering in CampMaster. Select Youth Participant and then choose Youth Staff.

Twilight Camp 2018, June 4-8, 2018

Hurry, time is running out, get signed up today for Twilight Camp! Go to the Northern Trail District Website and signup today. Waiting until the last minute makes it hard on everyone and we'd like to focus on the program not last minute paperwork!

Youth Protection Training Important Update

It is official, the current 2018 Online Youth Protection Training meets state requirements and has been approved by the State of Texas.

If you have completed the new BSA online Youth Protection Training course on or after March 13, 2018, you no longer need to take a classroom-facilitated version of the course to attend a licensed camp (camps of four or more days).

If you have not taken the new BSA online Youth Protection Training course, you must do so by October 1, 2018. or you won’t be able to re-charter with your unit.

If you have a valid Face-to-Face card, it will be accepted for Twilight Camp and Summer Camp this year.

Questions can be emailed to

So take the time to complete this course and get it out of the way for the fall. While you are at it, take the Hazardous Weather Training. Before you start, here are some tips which will make the process a little easier. YPT Training Tips Go to log-in and take the courses.

Circle Ten Xperience 2018 (CTX2)!

Northern Trail is still under represented at CTX! Don't let Northern Trail miss all the fun? Right now you can still grab primo camping spots. What are you waiting for?

Have you seen the new Registration Incentives (prizes!!)? Check out this link to find out more! And if you are interested in staffing CTX2, go to CAMPMASTER and register today. We can’t wait to have you as part of the team!

Wilderness First Aid classes for 2018

This is the 16 hour ECSI course designed by Philmont and meets the requirements for the BSA High Adventure Bases.

All scheduled classes for this spring are full. A course may be held in November 2018 if there is sufficient interest, otherwise they will begin in January 2019. Other opportunities may be found here. Contact: Mike Reisinger, 972-907-8949.

Webelos Woods, Trevor Rees-Jones 9/28-30/2018

Here is a great opportunity to get help up and coming Boy Scouts get a great launch into the Boy Scout program. Troops are needed to help staff this event. If you are interested in staffing, please attend the planning meeting in FUMC-R, room 225, 7-8:30 pm May 16, June 20, July 25, Aug. 15 and Sept. 12. The theme for Webelos Woods is “Scout Skills”. Scout Troops are encouraged to volunteer for STAFF in the following areas: Compass, First Aid (making kits), Knife & Axe (safe use and cleaning), Dutch Oven Cooking, First Aid bandage ( using neckerchief), Tug- a-war, String Burning, Campsite inspections, and other events TBD. Remember the idea is to have experienced scouts STAFF these areas and not Adults. Cost for event has been set at $10.00 for Cub and Cub Adult. Cubs and Scout Troops provide their own food. To volunteer for a venue Contact either:
Jim McKnight,
Dr. H. Linn,

Wood Badge

Have you been considering taking Wood Badge but procrastinating signing up? Perhaps now is the time! Go to to see what courses are available.

Friends of Scouting

It's not too late, if you intended to support FOS and have not made your pledge you can still do your part. You can give a check made out to Circle Ten Council to your unit Chairman or Leader and they will pass it on to Council. Alternatively you can contribute online at - Just make sure to include in the note field "FOS, Northern Trail along with your unit number. Northern Trail Scouters have always recognized the value of scouting by contributing to the Friends of Scouting. Any amount will help! Don't put it off any longer, if you've already made a pledge this year, Thank You.

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