June 8, 2014

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Why, How and What

I recently listened to a video on leadership and the presenter talked about success and he proposed that for most of us in thinking about a problem we start with what then proceed to how and then finally get to why. The what of course is the goal or end product and the how is the method and finally the why is the motivation.

His point was that to be successful we should start with why and then get to the how and what.

I suspect that in scouts we too often look at the what and how, long before we worry about the why.

As leaders and parents we do use a bit of deception in that we entice our children to get involved in scouts because of the how. The scouts see the fun, challenge and a chance to be with friends. Telling an eleven year old boy that he needs to participate in scouts because we want him to become a good citizen is probably not going sell the program nearly as well as the opportunity to go camping.

So the how is about scout skills, camping, patrols, advancement and recognition; things we refer to as the methods of scouting. The what is about the AIMS; character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.

Read about the why on the district website ntrail.org/content/what-how-and-why

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Twilight Camp Begins Monday June 9th.

Please make sure your paperwork and payments are complete prior to the first day of camp. Don't miss out on activities because you are stuck in a line at registration.

All checks must be made out to Circle 10. Completed paperwork may be delivered to the registrar: Barbara Richer 1512 Summertree Ct, Richardson TX 75082 Please call first if you are dropping off cash or have a questions 214-478-3972

On-line registration is closed, but you can still register the first day camp.

More Information

District Cubmobile Derby

Race is Saturday July 12. Start building your cars now! This event is sure to be fun for the entire family and bring some excitement to our summer Cub Scout program. Each Cub is encouraged to build their own car, or a den, patrol, or pack can work together to make a team car. Read more.

Religious Emblem Award Presentation Pack 1077

Religious Emblem Award Presentation Pack 1077 Pack 1077 honors 11 Cub Scouts (9 present) in earning their Religious Emblem Square Knot at our final Pack meeting of the year, 27 May 2014 at Brentfield Elementary. The Pack recently added a Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator to the Pack Committee and she actually taught the God and Me class. Picture

Much more on the website. www.ntrail.org

Yours in Scouting,

John Slaughter
Northern Trail Webmaster

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