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Twilight Camp

First of all I would like to thank the hardworking staff who made camp possible. In addition to the staff, the Walking Den Leaders were great and we could not have held the event without them. Thank You!

This past week I spent 5 afternoons at Twilight Camp as a staff member and had the opportunity to interact with all of the Cub Scouts at camp and their parents. I enjoyed the activity and the time went very fast. Based on the smiles and the enthusiasm of the scouts, I would say that the event was a rousing success. A great time was had by all.

There were some challenges. Every year the volunteer leadership struggles to find enough adult and junior staff. Staffing an event is not difficult, in fact it’s fun. It’s a great way to give back to a program which has made such a difference in the lives of young people.

We were also challenged with the registration process. There are a lot of details, like medical forms and YPT cards, but these are a necessary part of the program for the welfare and safety of the participants.

One of the greatest challenges is that far too many wait until the last minute to register for the event. This creates many problems. First of all supplies must be ordered in advance. We need to know the number and sizes of t-shirts to obtain the correct number of each size. It is also necessary to divide the scouts into groups before camp begins and create badges with the correct information. Guessing never provides a good result and we don’t like to disappoint because we lack the correct t-shirt for a scout or a kit for shop.

So please, make a resolution for next year to volunteer as a Walking Den Leader or Staff member and get your registration and paperwork in on time. The volunteer staff would rather focus on the event, rather than processing paperwork at the last minute.

Pictures from Twilight Camp

Here are some pictures taken by Phyllis Slaughter

There are also a number of pictures on the Twilight Camp Facebook page:


The key to a successful program is training. Guessing takes more energy and your results will be poor. With training you benefit from the vast experience of those who have walked the trail before you. Fall training sessions will be here soon. Leaders, identify adults in your unit who can help you with the program and start selling them on training now. With trained leaders you will have better results, fewer headaches and less work! It's Win-Win!

2017/2018 Program Preview Packets

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