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Summer Time Activities

This is the time for summer camps, but scouting need not be limited to these activities during the summer. Cub Scouts can earn a summertime patch by participating in an activity.

Activities need not be limited to Cub Scouts. Any unit can plan an activity during the summer and have a great event. Even though the attendance may be lower than school year events they can still be a lot of fun and need not be complicated to pull together. The most difficult tasks are picking an activity and setting a date! Get the word out and have a great time.

All events must comply with the Guide to Safe Scouting and be properly supervised.


When units fail, it's almost always because of a lack of new members. Boys grow up and move on. Neglecting recruiting is unfair to the boys coming up who would like to participate, but are never asked. Remember you were recruited and the boys coming up deserve the same opportunity. Additionally when you recruit new scouts, with them come parents and they will help you fill out the adult leadership positions.

In the fall we will have "Join Scouting Night" and events like Northern Trail to Adventure which are great opportunities introduce new scouts and parents to the program. So plan to activity recruit by participating in these activities.

New Council Executive Announced

Pat Currie is retiring and his replacement has been announced. His name is Sam Thompson and he has an impressive resume. Please welcome Sam to Circle Ten. More information.

2017/2018 Program Preview Packets

Calendars and other materials are still available. Contact your unit commissioner to arrange pick up these materials.  If you don't know the name of your unit commissioner, send an email to the district commissioner Joe Tavares at:

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