July 6, 2014

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Stop Troop Trailer Theft!

It’s a sad fact that every few years there are reports of troop equipment trailers being stolen. The impact on a unit can be devastating, not only the loss of the trailer, but the contents as well.

All too often such trailers are never recovered. In most cases the thieves are interested in the trailer more than the contents, sometimes it's the anticipation that the contents are valuable.

So what can you do to prevent theft of your equipment trailer?

While it is impossible to absolutely protect your trailer, some things can help. First of all select a storage location which is a secure as possible. If the trailer is inside a locked enclosure it makes it more difficult to steal.

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District Cubmobile Derby

Race is this coming Saturday July 12. This event is sure to be fun for the entire family and bring some excitement to our summer Cub Scout program. Each Cub is encouraged to build their own car, or a den, patrol, or pack can work together to make a team car. Even if you don't bring a car, come out and watch the competition. Read more.

Start Planning for Fall Activities

The new school year will be here before you know it. The district calendar may be found here. and is filled with useful information. The council calendar may found here.

Northern Trail to Adventure Saturday October 11, 2014. Get those new Cub Scout recruits to camp to get them excited about scouts. Cub Scouts have a blast at this one day camp at Camp Wisdom. Every year, there is a new theme and lots of fun activities. Plan to stay for the campfire ceremony and camp out on Saturday night. More information

Boy Scout and Venture Crews, we need staff to help with Northern Trail to Adventure, so please consider allocating that weekend to assist with this event. Details on staff signup will be posted on the website.

Roundtables begin again in August and are packed with great information for both leaders and parents. Learn how to make your progam better. Roundtables are always lots of fun and well worth the investment in time.

Adult leader training begins in the fall and there are a world of opportunities for every adult in scouting. If you have not been to training then you are missing out on great information which will make a difference in your child's and your unit's success. Watch the website for details about upcoming training.

Woodbadge Courses are coming to a camp near you!

Much more on the website. www.ntrail.org

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