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Training Does Make a Difference

Ever watched a professional complete a complex task seemingly effortlessly? Sure you have! All of us have experienced that knowing how do to something makes all the difference.

Sometimes we think we know how scouting works or we think the problem is so simple that we can figure it out easily.

To begin with the scout program is much more subtle than most of us realize. Beginning with the AIMs and continuing into the methods of the program the implementation is not intuitive. In fact it is counterintuitive!

Those of us who have been involved in scouting for a long time know that the key to success is training.

If you want your child and to be successful in scouts, you need to get training. Training is intended for every parent and not just adults who have leadership positions.

Let me repeat; If you want your scout to get the most from scouting, invest in training!

Training for the fall will begin soon. The first opportunity will be Boy Scout Specific training begins on Wednesday evening October 4th. A day of training will be held on Saturday October 14th. Save the dates and watch the website for more information on these and other training opportunities coming in the fall.

Popcorn Signup

If you have not signed up to sell PopCorn in the fall, please do so today. Sign-ups are being done through the CampMaster online reservation system. Only those designated in CampMaster as a leader will be able to sign the unit up. If you are not designated as a leader, but you want to sign the unit up, please use the form found below. You can return it via email or fax to 214-902-6789.

Sign up using CampMaster here.
Or fill out this form and submit via fax or mail.

For more information, check out the council PopCorn Webpage.
District Popcorn Kernel: Patti Otte

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Yours in Scouting,

John Slaughter
Northern Trail Communications Committee

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