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All Scouts Deserve Trained Leaders

This is a phrase we’ve often heard, but there are other reasons to get trained. I’ve learned that most of us overestimate our ability, but underestimate our ability to learn new things. We may think we understand how the program works and the best way to implement it, but in reality there are things we think we know but in fact don’t know! Training not only fills in the gaps and helps us to be more efficient, but it also provides the catalyst that can help parents or leaders internalize the real value of the program beyond just another activity for their scouts.

So if you are parent of a scout, consider getting some training, you will gain a better understanding of the program and your child will benefit from that knowledge. If you are a leader in a unit, training is a must and in addition to your own training you need to be proactive and encourage other adults in your unit to go to training. No don’t just encourage, send them to training.

We have a number training opportunities coming up in the fall and they are on the calendar. Now is the time to put them on the schedule and plan to attend and send others as well.

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, BALOO

BALOO training is an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program. BSA’s Cub Scout level camping policies will be taught along with the necessary tools to help units carry out a successful camping experience.

BSA requires that at least one adult on a Pack overnighter be BALOO trained. Webelos Den Leaders camping as a den must be BALOO trained.

Who should attend -- Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Interest Adult Leaders

More information

SM/ASM Leader Specific Training

"Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific" training is a two evening course which will expand on and clarify your understanding of the Scout program. The course addresses how and, most importantly, why Scouting works and will help you to insure the success of your scouts in your unit. This course is for all Unit Leaders, including Parents and Committee members. This class meets on two Wednesday evenings - Sept 26, 2018 & Oct 3, 2018 More information

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

“Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills” training is a companion course to Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific. This is a hands-on campout where you participate as your scout would in the actual planning and execution of a scout campout while advancing towards the rank of First Class. You will learn by doing at the direction of our experienced leadership team. Expect to learn a lot while having a very enjoyable experience. Advance registration and preparation is required. The event will be held the weekend of October 13, 2018 & October 14, 2018 at Camp Wisdom. Map. More information

Backcountry Advanced Training, BAT

BAT is an interactive course designed for those Individuals and Units who are preparing for a high-adventure trek and for those interested in organizing first time backcountry activities for their Unit.

The course is titled “Leave the Trailer Behind!” and is directed towards Individuals and Units that want to introduce more backpacking to their annual program. This is a great opportunity as a Unit activity for new or seasoned backpackers or to prepare for future backpacking treks.

Two classroom sessions are followed by a weekend backpacking campout adventure. The course features information and instruction detailing trek preparation, crew dynamics, and techniques of backpacking - hiking, camping, and preparing meals on the trail. Classroom sessions, Thursday October 11 & Thursday October 18, 2018, Campout, Friday October 26, 2018 thru Sunday October 28, 2018. More information

Hazardous Weather Training

Scouting is committed to safety and weather safety is of particular importance in our area. Effective April 30th, 2018, new direct contact leaders must complete Hazardous Weather Training to be considered position trained. This includes, Cubmasters, Den Leader Webelos Den Leaders, Scoutmasters, LDS leaders of 11-year olds, Crew Advisors, Ship Skippers and Post Advisors. This program has a two year expiration.

This is the NEW training, numbered SCO_800. You will no longer be considered Trained if you have not completed this training before May 1. It is also a requirement for all camp staff as part of the NCAP standards SQ-402.

To take the course go to and log-in to your account. Create an account if you don’t already have one.

Click on the "BSA LEARN CENTER" icon to reach the training site. Under "EXPANDED LEARNING" click on "PROGRAM SAFETY." Click on "Program Safety" and then select "Hazardous Weather Training."

Youth Protection Training

We now have only one approved Youth Protection Certificate and everyone will have to have the new card by October 1st. To protect not only our youth, but adult volunteers as well, this course has been updated to clearly define how we implement the program. For Summer camp this year, a valid Face-to-Face YPT card will be acceptable, but will be invalid after October 1st 2018. If you need an approved card for Summer Camp, take the course at Here are some YPT Training Tips to make the process a little easier. Questions can be emailed to

Wilderness First Aid classes for 2018

This is the 16 hour ECSI course designed by Philmont and meets the requirements for the BSA High Adventure Bases.

All scheduled classes for this spring are full. A course may be held in November 2018 if there is sufficient interest, otherwise they will begin in January 2019. Other opportunities may be found here. Contact: Mike Reisinger, 972-907-8949.

Calling all Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Explorers

A day of Venturing and socializing! Saturday, September 22, 2018, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. The program for this year is still developing, but the event will be at Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp. More information here.

Popcorn Kickoff

The Northern Trail Popcorn Kickoff on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 7:00 p.m. at Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church, 8525 Audelia Rd, Dallas. Map This kickoff will provide training as well all the materials units will need to begin their sale. Popcorn Hub Feed

Scouting units run on popcorn...and hike and camp and swim, too. The sale not only builds leadership and confidence but it allows a Scout to learn the value of earning their own way.

Questions: Tim McConville, District Popcorn Chair

Circle Ten Xperience 2018 (CTX2)!

CTX2's participant registrations are nearing the 9,000 mark! Over 200 units have already added the BIGGEST EVENT to their calendars! What are you waiting for? If it’s more information, we’ve got you covered!

NEW CHANNEL COMING TO CTX channel! ASK ME ABOUT CTX2! will be appearing soon! If you’ve got questions, we’ve got your answers! Is your unit registered? Are you aware of the benefits of registering early?

Other Recognitions:
  • Unit with the highest percentage of members registered by close of online registration - Back stage passes to meet the band.
  • Unit with most people registered at close of online registration - Preferred seating at the Big Show.
  • District with the highest percentage participation of units - A campership for a Scout from their district to Summer Camp.
  • If you are interested in staffing CTX2, go to CAMPMASTER and register today. We can’t wait to have you as part of the team! The Admin Team could use help with Registration and the Trading Post.

    CTX2 Online Trading Post Is Now Open!

    The time has come...visit the CTX2 Online Trading Post today and purchase your swag!
    To access the store, please go here. Your best opportunity to get all the CTX2 memorabilia you crave is to preorder it here. There are no guaranties that all online items will be available at CTX2 in November. There are three collections to shop from: Featured Patches, Participant Products, and Staff Products. The Staff Products are limited to persons serving on the Event Staff and that section is password protected.

    Webelos Woods, Trevor Rees-Jones 9/28-30/2018

    Here is a great opportunity to get help up and coming Boy Scouts get a great launch into the Boy Scout program. Troops are needed to help staff this event. If you are interested in staffing, please attend the planning meeting in FUMC-R, room 225, 7-8:30 pm May 16, June 20, July 25, Aug. 15 and Sept. 12. The theme for Webelos Woods is “Scout Skills”. Scout Troops are encouraged to volunteer for STAFF in the following areas: Compass, First Aid (making kits), Knife & Axe (safe use and cleaning), Dutch Oven Cooking, First Aid bandage ( using neckerchief), Tug- a-war, String Burning, Campsite inspections, and other events TBD. Remember the idea is to have experienced scouts STAFF these areas and not Adults. Cost for event has been set at $10.00 for Cub and Cub Adult. Cubs and Scout Troops provide their own food. To volunteer for a venue Contact either:
    Jim McKnight,
    Dr. H. Linn,

    Wood Badge

    Have you been considering taking Wood Badge but procrastinating signing up? Perhaps now is the time! Go to to see what courses are available.

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