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EAGLE PALM Requirements are Changing

There is a good article in the online Scouting Magazine that came out this week about the new Eagle Palm requirements. Click on the link to read it.

With this change, a boy who completes his Eagle Board of Review on or after Aug 1, 2017, automatically receives all the palms that he is entitled to as of his Eagle BOR with his Eagle advancement instead of after. For example, if a boy has 30 merit badges prior to his Eagle BOR, he receives his Eagle badge with Bronze palm as of his Eagle BOR date. If he receives another MB the following day, he is entitled to a Gold palm 3 months after his Eagle BOR.

Other key changes in Palm requirements take effect at the same time. See the article for details.

Bob Faulkner
Advancement Chair
Northern Trail District

Popcorn Signup

If you have not signed up to sell PopCorn in the fall, please do so today. Sign-ups are being done through the CampMaster online reservation system. Only those designated in CampMaster as a leader will be able to sign the unit up. If you are not designated as a leader, but you want to sign the unit up, please use the form found below. You can return it via email or fax to 214-902-6789.

Sign up using CampMaster here.
Or fill out this form and submit via fax or mail.

For more information, check out the council PopCorn Webpage.
District Popcorn Kernel: Patti Otte

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