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I need your help.

If you know of events which are not mentioned on the calendar and newsletter, please let me know. Likewise if there are problems with the website, please let me know about these as well.

I can't count the number of times I when I talking to someone at a scouting event and they causally mentioned that they had noticed an error in the newsletter or problem with the website and yet they not taken the time to send me an email. We have a large email list and folks in the district depend on the newsletter and website for the correct information.

If you see something "say something!"

Fall Training

There will be training in the fall and we are working on getting the details finalized. As soon as I have the information, I will include it in the newsletter and on the website.

The following is an article I wrote a few years ago, but the message is quite valid today. I hope you find in helpful.

The Paperwork is Important

There is an old saying that the “Job is not done until the paperwork is done.” Most of us are familiar with the need to keep accurate records and scouting is no different.

As adults we are painfully aware of the need to get our tax returns filed, automobile registrations completed, bills paid and the like. Keeping up with these items is an important life skill.

With scouts we have lots of paperwork. Our scouts are familiar with their scout handbook and we encourage them to keep up with it and get items signed off in the book. This is one way we teach this life skill.

The personal management merit badge is one of the more difficult for scouts to complete because of the need to keep records over a 13 week period.

As adult leaders we have a lot of scout paperwork which is very important. The annual unit re-charter process is an example of a task which when left to the last minute can be enormously difficult. Everyone in a unit has a role in this process, from submitting applications, YPT cards and paying dues on time. In addition, the records must be updated and this takes time and can be a little daunting if you’ve not done it before. Starting early and getting everything together well before the deadline can transform a nightmare into a relatively painless process.

Advancement record keeping is another example of a task which is important. Keeping up with records on a regular basis using the online advancement tools available, makes this job much easier. Putting it off turns it into a huge task and the possibility of making errors is magnified.

Many Eagle Scout candidates have had unpleasant surprises when badges they thought they had, could not be verified because the paperwork had not been completed. It’s never fun having to dig up old blue cards to prove completion of a particular merit badge.

So the message is, keep up the paperwork and it won’t overwhelm you. It will make your life easier and your scouts will learn and benefit from your diligence.

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Yours in Scouting,

John Slaughter
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