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Get Ready for Fall

Where did the summer go! August is upon us and it’s time to get back into swing of scouting.


Roundtables will begin the second week of August. If you have not attended Roundtables in the past or got out of the habit of going, this is a great opportunity to start taking advantage of this great resource. Roundtables are about a lot of things, but the most important function is to help you create a better scouting experience for your scouts. In the business world we often talk about benchmarking, that is comparing what we do with what others are doing. “We’ve always done it that way,” may not be the best approach. Roundtable exposes you to “best practices” in scouting and gives you access to mentors and fellow parents and leaders who are facing the same challenges in scouting and the larger problem of raising self-sufficient, moral and responsible adults.


Mark your calendar for third Outdoor Adventure which will be held on Saturday September 9th. This is a community event held at a local city park and it an opportunity to showcase scouting to the community as a whole. The event organizers are looking for units and individuals to assist with the activities. If you can help, please contact Marjie Price at

Northern Trail to Adventure is the premier fall Cub Scout family event held at Camp Wisdom. This is a great opportunity to introduce new scouts and their families to the program. It will be held on Saturday October 7th with the opportunity to camp out overnight. The event organizers are looking for units and individuals to assist with the activities. If you can help, please contact Marjie Price at


The key to success in Scouting is Training! Boy Scout Leader Specific is a two evening program designed for parents and leader in the Boy Scout program. Plan to attend, Wednesday October 4th and Wednesday October 11th. This is an excellent course and a lot of fun. You will be surprised at how much you learn and how much fun you had. Participants in Boy Scout Leader Specific training can also attend Outdoor Leader Specific training which is structured as a scout campout where you can observe first hand from the perspective the scouts how the program operates. Great fun and you will learn a lot.

A Day of Training will be held on Saturday October 14th. This is a smorgasbord of training opportunities with a focus on Cub Scouts and training for Committee positions. More details will be available soon.

For those who are Philmont bound or another backpacking experience, Northern Trail offers Backcountry Advanced Training. This course covers all of the details on how to plan and execute a successful backcountry experience. The training culminates with an actual backpacking experience at Camp Meisenbach where you have the opportunity to test what you have learned. Classroom sessions begin October 5 with the campout scheduled for October 27-29, 2017.

Popcorn Signup

If you have not signed up to sell PopCorn in the fall, please do so today. Sign-ups are being done through the CampMaster online reservation system. Only those designated in CampMaster as a leader will be able to sign the unit up. If you are not designated as a leader, but you want to sign the unit up, please use the form found below. You can return it via email or fax to 214-902-6789.

Sign up using CampMaster here.
Or fill out this form and submit via fax or mail.

For more information, check out the council PopCorn Webpage.
District Popcorn Kernel: Patti Otte

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