August 17, 2014

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Follow up School Night with an Orientation Meeting

Unless you're a Tiger Cub, Cub Scouting can be very intimidating to a new family. Who is Akela? What is a bead? I’m not hungry, why are they talking about Denner? Instead of throwing your new families to the Wolves, have an orientation meeting. Read more on the website.      More scouting blogs.


Venturing Forum

Check out the Venturing program. Expect information on upcoming activities. Thursday, August 21th at 7:30PM. More information

School Night for Scouting Training

On Aug 28, we will be conducting another School Night for Scouting training class. Come to find out what comes in a SNFS Supply Box, when your school will be scheduled and share ideas on what displays work. The District Committee has resources to help make your School Night for Scouting a success. More information

Boy Scout Roundtable

First roundtable of the school year. Tuesday, September 9th at 7:00PM. More information

Cub Scout Roundtable

First roundtable of the school year. Thursday, September 11th at 7:00PM. More information

Pop Corn Sale is Coming

If your unit hasn’t signed up to sell popcorn, it’s not too late. But hurry! Popcorn Leader Training is being presented at this location, please RSVP.

The sale kicks off on September 20th. Sign up today!

Teach your Scouts the value of earning his own way.

  Fall activities

Much more on the website.

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