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URGENT: Outdoor Adventure Needs YOU! Saturday September 9th

The Outdoor Adventure is the only event where we invite the community to participate in scouting activities that are sponsored by our district. As of Friday, August 25, we have had only four units sign up to sponsor an activity. We realize that your pack/troop is very busy, and it is often difficult to get your scouts and parents excited about helping.

We are all interested in growing membership and want to offer events that help increase awareness for the scouting program. However, it takes all of our units to support this goal. As we begin our Join Scouting nights, please consider kicking off your membership drive by participating at the Outdoor Adventure.

If you are interested in participating in the Outdoor Adventure on Saturday, September 9, please use the link below to sign up online. If we do not have at least 10 units signed up by August 31, we will cancel this event.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Marjie Price
Activities Chair
More information and event signup.

Boy Scout RoundtableTuesday September 12th, 7:00PM

Boy Scout Roundtable discussion in September will feature "an answer to every question you have about advancement". This open forum is designed for your unit's Advancement Chairperson, any leader in your unit who has questions about advancement and all parents of Boy Scouts. It will be conducted by our District Committee Advancement Chairman, Bob Faulkner.

Your take away will be up-to-date advancement information and resources for getting answers to future questions.

Advancement is one of the most important factors to having a successful Troop. Through advancement, our boys learn how to set goals, how to systematically achieve them and then publicly receive the reward of Advancement for completing their goals.

Advancement keeps scouts focused, if they don't advance they will drift away. Keep your Troop strong. Ensure each boy achieves advancement. Attend this important meeting.

Boy Scout Leader Specific / Outdoor Leader Training

Registration is now available. Boy Scout Leader Specific is a two evening course which will expand on and clarify your understanding of the scout program. The course addresses how and why it works and will help you to insure the success of scouts in your unit. This course is for all adults including parents, committee members and front line leaders. This class meets on two Wednesday evenings, October 4th and October 11th.

The companion course, "Outdoor Leader Specific Training" is a hands on experience where you participate as your scout would in the actual planning and execution of a scout campout. You will learn by doing at the direction of an experienced leadership team. Expect to learn a lot and have a very enjoyable weekend experience. Advance registration and preparation is required. The event will be held Saturday-Sunday October 21-22 at Camp Wisdom. More information and registration.

Backcountry Advanced Training

Philmont bound? BAT is a two evening course and campout which will equip both adults and scouts with the knowledge and skill needed for a successful backcountry experience. Information and registration for Backcountry Advanced Training now available. Classes are October 12th and 19th. Campout is the weekend of October 27-29, 2017. More information and registration.

Day of Training

The key to success in all of the scout programs is training. A day of training is scheduled for Saturday October 14th at First United Methodist Church in Richardson. Details and registration will be available soon, but expect offerings to include Cub Scout Leader Training, youth protection and committee member training. Be sure and save the date for a great day of training.

Oak Leaf Training

This training is for scouts First Class and above who are in or will be in leadership positions in their troop. Due to a schedule conflict, the dates have changed and will held the weekend of November 11 and 12th. Registration will be available soon on CampMaster. More information

District Committee Training Workshop

This training is essential required training for committee members in primary roles. The training will be held November 4, 2017. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Registration via CampMaster will be available soon. More information

Don't Forget! School Night For Scouting

Please coordinate with our District Executive, Chad Caudle to set up your participation in School Night for Scouting. Dates for events must be scheduled weeks in advance for approval and inclusion in the school flyers/Peach Jar.

2017 Northern Trail Video Contest

Hollywood has the Oscars®, Cannes has the Palme d’Or, Berlin has the Golden Bear and Northern Trail has the Camera d’Kaki? Camera d’Kaki? The Camera d’Kaki is the prize for the winner of the Peoples’ Choice winner of the 2017 Northern Trail Video Contest. The 2017 Northern Trail Video Contest is an opportunity to create either (1) a 30 to 60 second public service announcement or (2) a 3- to 5-minute mini documentary that could be used for recruiting Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts or Venturers. (The video may help fulfill the requirements for the Webelos Moviemaking elective or the Moviemaking Merit Badge.)

Any Northern Trail unit (Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Team, or Venture Crew) or any registered Boy Scout or Venturer in a unit in a Northern Trail District unit. The video can be created by an individual scout or a unit, but not more than one video may be submitted per unit. Except for Packs, one youth must be designated lead producer/director for the video. The video must be made in 2017. Entries must be submitted/uploaded between October 1 and November 1, 2017. If your unit would like more information, please contact Hank Voegtle at or 214-769-5040. More information

Philmont 2018 and 2019 Expeditions

Slots available for 2018 and lottery will open in October for 2019. More information

Popcorn Signup

If you have not signed up to sell PopCorn in the fall, please do so today. Sign-ups are being done through the CampMaster online reservation system. Only those designated in CampMaster as a leader will be able to sign the unit up. If you are not designated as a leader, but you want to sign the unit up, please use the form found below. You can return it via email or fax to 214-902-6789.

Sign up using CampMaster here.
Or fill out this form and submit via fax or mail.

For more information, check out the council PopCorn Webpage.
District Popcorn Kernel: Patti Otte

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