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Not Deciding is Deciding

We are all time challenged in our fast paced world. Too often we put things off and they are left undone. Intending to do something does not help if it never gets done. A great example is Adult Recognition. All of us see individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty in our scout units and we believe that they should be applauded for what they do. If we fail to take the next step and nominate these individuals for an award, our good intentions are for naught. Every year there are deserving individuals who are not recognized because no one found the time to turn an intention into an action.

So whether it is an adult award nomination, signing up for training, event or attending roundtable, please don't put it off, turn the intention into a decision. Act today!

Adult Recognition

Time to nominate and recognize adult leaders in the district who have contributed to the success of the program; Y.E.S.-Your Extraordinary Service Award, District Award of Merit, The Robert E. Little Award and the Silver Beaver. Deadline for the Silver Beaver is November 20th and for the other awards the deadline is December 1st. More information and nomination forms may be found on the website.

Questions: contact the Awards and Recognition Chair Dr. Harry Yankuner,

Boy Scout Roundtable Tuesday, October 10th 7:00PM

High Adventure trip for under $500.00! And, that doesn't mean $499.00. In fact, the price quoted to me was $425.00. Unheard of, you say! Well, here it is folks. Roundtrip, full weeklong adventure to the Grand Canyon during Spring Break for an affordable price.

Get the details and hear the stories at our next Boy Scout Roundtable on Tuesday, October 10th, 7:00 PM at the First United Methodist Church of Richardson in the Education Building. Everyone is invited. We have a seat saved for you.

Cub Scout Roundtable Troop of course! Thursday, October 12th, 7:00 PM

How do we recruit our replacements and how do we recruit new leaders? Get the details and meet Thursday, October 12th 7:00PM Leaders! We need leaders and we need to recruit those leaders! Why do we need more leaders - so there is someone to take our place when we leave the Pack and move on to the troop. Meet other leaders to hear their success stories at our next Cub Scout Roundtable on Thursday, October 12th, 7:00 PM at the First United Methodist Church of Richardson in the Education Building. Everyone is invited.

University of Scouting

Save the date! The new, confirmed date for next year’s University of Scouting: Saturday, January 6, 2018. More information on the course catalog and when registration will open will be available soon. If you have any questions, contact: Karen Thunert | Program Director
P 214.902.6776 | C 214.755.5848

Outdoor Leader Training -- October 21-22

Registration is now available. Outdoor Leader Specific Training is a hands on experience where you participate as your scout would in the actual planning and execution of a scout campout. You will learn by doing at the direction of an experienced leadership team. Expect to learn a lot and have a very enjoyable weekend experience. Advance registration and preparation is required. The event will be held Saturday-Sunday October 21-22 at Camp Wisdom. More information and registration.

Backcountry Advanced Training, Starts This coming Thursday!

Philmont bound? BAT is a two evening course and campout which will equip both adults and scouts with the knowledge and skill needed for a successful backcountry experience. Information and registration for Backcountry Advanced Training now available. Classes are October 12th and 19th. Campout is the weekend of October 27-29, 2017. More information and registration.

District Committee Training Workshop - Saturday, November 4, 2017

To improve district committee productivity, operational consistency, and role awareness across all Circle Ten Council districts, six Service Area District Committee Training Workshops (DCTWs) are available over the next several months. All district committee members should plan to attend one of the sessions, regardless of prior training. The training for our Service Area (East Central) will be held on November 4, 2017. Please visit CampMaster now at to register. Complete information on all available DCTWs, can be found at

Oak Leaf Training

This training is for scouts First Class and above who are in or will be in leadership positions in their troop. The course will held the weekend of November 11 and 12th. Registration now available on CampMaster. More information

Wilderness First Aid classes for 2017 & 2018

This is the 16 hour ECSI course designed by Philmont and meets the requirements for the BSA High Adventure Bases.
Dates: Nov 10-12/2017, Jan 26-28/2018, Feb 23-25/2018, Mar 9-11/2018, Apr 6-8/2018, Apr 27-29/2018 and May 18-20,2018. More information on the website. Contact: Mike Reisinger, 972-907-8949

Webelos on the Water - CASTAWAY The Adventure! November 3-5, 2017

For a number of reasons, Webelos Woods did not come together in Northern Trail this year, but there is an alternative event in Blackland Prairie. This event is just for Webelos and will be held at Trevor-Rees Jones Scout Camp. Learn requirements for Arrow of Light and the lingo of Boy Scouts. Camp, cook, and learn scout skills and the patrol method to help prepare you for scouting. Might even be some water activities. More information and registration. Blackland Prairie is looking for Troops and adult staff for this event. Please contact the event lead if you can assist.

2017 Northern Trail Video Contest

Hollywood has the Oscars®, Cannes has the Palme d’Or, Berlin has the Golden Bear and Northern Trail has the Camera d’Kaki? Camera d’Kaki? More information

Philmont 2018 Slots

There are 12 day slots available in 2018. Check it out! here

Dick's Sporting Goods Discount Offer

Discounts on camping gear. Saturday and Sunday October 14 & 15th. More Information.

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