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Adult Recognition, Nominations Deadline, This Week

Deadline is tomorrow, Monday November 28, to get Silver Beaver nominations submitted. Robert E. Little, District Award of Merit and Y.E.S. nominations have until Thursday, Dec 1. See Adult Recognition | Northern Trail or contact

District Awards Banquet

Save the date. We will recognize outstanding adult volunteers at our annual dinner to be held on January 19th at the Richardson Civic Center. Details on the program and ticket sales will be available soon. Questions to Marjie Price

Courts of Honor & Blue and Gold

Scouting depends on volunteers to function, but funding is also needed to make the program work. Please make time during your Blue and Gold banquet or Court of Honor to allow a volunteer to make the case for financial support of the scouting program. Please send Brad Newberry an email and let him know when a presenter can come to your Blue and Gold or Court of Honor and make a FOS presentatation.

Unit Re-Charter

Don't put this off, if your charter drops it's very hard on everyone to put the pieces back together. Do it on time and it's much simpler. If you not started, start today. Help is available, your unit commissioner can assist with the process. If you are not directly responsible for the re-charter process you can help. Every adult must have a current youth protection training card. Everyone needs to pay their membership fees. Do it today! Re-charter Checklist

On the Calendar

Your District Resource: Unit Commissioners

Every Unit in Northern Trail has a district resource who is responsible for helping make you successful. Regardless of need, the Unit Commissioners can facilitate a resolution. You can find out who your UC is on the Northern Trail web site at

If your more assistance, contact the district commissioner Joe Tavares., 214-675-4378.

Cub Scout Roundtable

Get those engines revved up for Jim Farnsworth who will be our guest speaker. We will be on the starting lineup for Pinewood Derby how to's. The checkered flag will wave after all tips and ideas for a successful Pinewood Derby for your pack has been shared on Thursday December 8, 2016, 7:00PM, FUMC RM211.

Venturing Forum

Topic: Crew/Troop Partnership and Dynamics. Tuesday December 13, 7:00PM, FUMC RM213.

Boy Scout Roundtable

“To keep myself physically strong” is the oath we take, and the role model we display to our boys. It is also a necessity for our outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and high adventures. As “Resolution Day” approaches, we begin to set goals for ourselves for next year. Often times, these goals include getting our self into better physical condition. Join us in December for our Roundtable discussion on being prepared for outdoor activities. Please bring your stories of how you and your troop get ready for hikes, canoe trips and other activities. One thing we can share with each other is our favorite places to do warm-up hikes and shakedowns.

Cabela’s Outdoor Outfitters discount coupons available. Poor Richard’s Café free entrée cards available. Door Prize: Gift Certificate to Kenny’s Italian Kitchen, Kenny’s Wood Fire Grill, Kenny’s Burger Joint, Kenny’s Smoke House or Kenny’s East Coast Pizza. Tuesday December 13, 7:00PM, FUMC RM212.

Unit Inventory

We still need a few unit inventories, please send a simple list of scouts in your unit to: Chad Caudle at as soon as possible. Chad will check them against the official records and let the units know if there are any discrepancies. Scouts not properly registered can't advance. This needs to be fixed immediately. More information

Training, Get signed up today!

The University of Scouting, Saturday January 21, 2017

The University of Scouting is an adult leader's learning adventure! It is an action-packed, fun-filled single day of supplemental training where you choose the sessions you wish to take. Sessions are led by experienced volunteers and professionals who will help you enhance your ability to deliver a fun and exciting program to the Scouts.

The University of Scouting offers a wide range of unique adult leader training courses from the:

More information.

Wilderness First Aid Classes for 2016/2017

This is the 16 hour ECSI course designed by Philmont and meets the requirements for the BSA High Adventure Bases.

2016 courses: Nov 18-20
2017 courses: Jan 27-29, Feb 24-26, Mar 31 – Apr 2, Apr 28-30, May 19-21, Jun 2-4

Popcorn Exchange

The Popcorn Exchange is now available. If you have extra or need a box here is the place to go. Questions? Call Patti or Trey Otte, your District popcorn chairs, at 214.405.4718 or 214.402.4718 respectively. You may also visit for more details.

Feedback is Essential

Please help us keep our communications on course! Let us know what you think about the newsletters and website.  Your feedback will help us be more effective.  If we are hitting the mark, please tells us, if you have suggestions on how we can improve, please tell us. Send your thoughts to: .

More on the website.

Yours in Scouting,

John Slaughter
Northern Trail Communications Committee

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