December 1, 2013 

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The newsletter editor is in trouble. Full of turkey and dressing and he has failed to find someone to write a blog for this week's newsletter. So out of time and ideas I will use the topic of procrastination as a starting point for this blog. I once took a class on time management which reinforced list making as an effective tool for getting jobs done. It was pointed out to us in the class that most of us are good at putting the most important item at the top of the list, but we often dive into the middle of the list rather than tackle that " difficult" important item at the top of the list. I'm reminded of on old quote: “If you have to eat a frog every day, then, do that first so you won't be dreading it all day!”

Speaking of procrastination, how many of you have not signed up for the University of Scouting? The volunteers who have been working very hard for months are depending on your participation. This is important, because trained leaders are much more effective. Effective leaders inspire scouts to stay in the program and scouts who stay in the program benefit from the experience. We all volunteer because we want scouts to become better citizens and parents.

There is another thing many of us have procrastinated about and that is nominating member of our unit and district for recognition. There are “stand-out” examples both in your unit and in the district of individuals who have gone the extra mile to make the program a success. It’s important that we take the time to nominate these individuals for recognition.

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Deadline Extented, Adult Award Nominations

The District nominations are being kept open another week to Dec 8. We still need nominations for Robert E. Little Award, The District Award of Merit, and Y.E.S. Your Extraordinary Service Award. There are many worthy scouters in the District for each of these awards. Unit Committee Chairs and Unit Leaders we need Y.E.S. award nominations from you, 2 for units less than 50 youth and 1 additional for every 50 additional youth. Go to to find information and online forms for each of these awards.

Photos Wanted

Scouters: Please submit photos of your Scouting Leaders for our District Banquet slide show. We will be honoring you, the volunteers, that make Northern Trail, the Troops, Packs, Dens, and Crews, a great organization that builds young people into leaders! Send the photos to

District Banquet

Sunday January 26, at 4:30PM Brookhaven Country Club. Good food, fellowship, program and a great opportunity to recognize hard working volunteers in our district. Tickets will go sale soon, watch this space for details.

Sea Base Crew Slot Wanted

"Well liked, 17 year old Eagle Scout looking to join a Sea Base Crew this summer. Anyone with a spot for another Scout would enjoy having this team player on their Crew. This is the last piece of his Triple Crown and his last summer to get it done. Read more

Popcorn Exchange

Lots of ads have been posted. Find that needed box or find a home for your extras.

December Roundtables

Planning is underway for the December Roundtables and Venturing Forum. As soon as the details are available we will get them posted. 


Face to Face Youth Protection, Monday, Dec. 2, 6:30PM

This training is required for some activities. Twilight camp, Boy Scout resident summer camp and Webelos resident camp. More information and registration. Be sure and bring a pen or pencil. This is adult training and is not suitable for youth. Please leave the kids at home. The training lasts about 1 hour.

University of Scouting Saturday January 4, 2014

Smorgasbord of adult scout learning opportunities. Sign up today, price increases December 1st! Saturday, January 4, 2014, 8:00am to 5:00pm (Updated flyer.) More information

Wilderness Advanced First Aid 1/31-2/2 & 2/7-2/9

This program trains participants to respond to emergencies in remote settings. The 40-hour curriculum focuses on stabilization, treatment and evacuation guidelines of patients in backcountry environments.

Wood Badge Courses

Advanced training for scout leaders. A life changing experience. Valuable training which is applicable both in and out of scouting. More Information

Much more on the website, check it out!

If you have items for the newsletter / website, please review this page for information about submissions.

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