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Your Extraordinary Service Award

Y.E.S. nominations are still being accepted. Take a moment to recognize a hardworking individual from your unit. See Adult Recognition | Northern Trail or contact

Scouting for Food Saturday February 11, 2017

Scouting for food is a great opportunity to demonstrate some of the values of the scout program. Food pantries in the area depend of the scouts to help restock their shelves after the holidays. Keep in mind that we have more areas to cover than we have scouts, so without your participation, available food won't be collected. Get signed up and put it on your unit calendar. More information and area maps here. Questions to Hunter Miller

Unit Re-Charter, Time is Running Out

The deadline for an on time re-charter is December 29, 2016. You have less than two weeks left. Please don't put this off, if your charter drops, it's very hard on everyone to put the pieces back together. Do it on time and it's much simpler. If you have not started, start today. If you are having problems, help is available, your unit commissioner can assist with the process. If you are not directly responsible for the re-charter process you can help. Every adult must have a current youth protection training card. Everyone needs to pay their membership fees. Do it today! Re-charter Checklist

District Awards Banquet

Save the date. We will recognize outstanding adult volunteers at our annual dinner to be held on January 19th at the Richardson Civic Center. Details on the program and tickets are now available. More information here. Questions to Marjie Price Individual tickets $30, Table for ten $280. January 6th the tickets increase to $35 each. Tickets will be $40 at the door. Tickets are now available here.

On the Calendar

More information on Cub Scout Advancement Modifications

Article in Scouting Wire here about modification to the Cub Scout Advancement Program. The changes are effective immediately and give Den Leaders much more flexibility in planning a successful year for their Cub Scouts. Details: here

Winter Camp December 27 - 31, 2016

We have one of the best camps put together for you and your Scouts. We have a truly outstanding staff assembled to assure that you have one of the best times at camp you have ever had. Your staff will be leading three reenactment areas: Mountain Man, Indian Village and Lumber Jack. There are four event areas Woodturning, Climbing Tower, Shooting Sports and Welding. Read more.

Cub Scout Roundtable, January 12th, 2017

Save the Date You are invited to the birthday party for Scouts! January 12, 2016 the Cub Scout Round table will hold a birthday party! Of course, there will be cake! 7:00PM, FUMC RM211

Friends of Scouting – “Unit Level” Presenters Needed

Many of the families in attendance at the various Courts of Honor & Blue and Gold FOS presentations do not know anyone else involved in Scouting outside of their unit. Having a FOS unit level presenter provides someone that has instant familiarity and credibility within that unit. So, when they see you, they see someone representing both your unit, your district, and the council. Please present this opportunity at your next Committee meeting and provide the name/contact info of those interested to Brad Newberry. He will make sure you have a fully trained, friendly, recognizable face at your next Court of Honor or Blue and Gold FOS Presentation! Email

Training, Get signed up today!

The University of Scouting, Saturday January 21, 2017

The University of Scouting is an adult leader's learning adventure! It is an action-packed, fun-filled single day of supplemental training where you choose the sessions you wish to take. Sessions are led by experienced volunteers and professionals who will help you enhance your ability to deliver a fun and exciting program to the Scouts.

The University of Scouting offers a wide range of unique adult leader training courses from the:

More information.

Boy Scout Leader Specific Training, Wednesday March 22th, 2017

This course for adult leaders in Boy Scout units. Leaders who work directly with boys in a unit should attend. This course will teach you about organization, operation, outdoor program and role of the adult leader in a troop. The class meets 2 times. Registration now available More information

Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills, Weekend April 8-9th, 2017

Learn by doing. Participate in an actual Boy Scout weekend campout. You will learn firsthand how a Boy Scout Troop operates in the field. Great fun and informative. This course is taught in conjunction with the 2 classroom sessions offered a few weeks earlier. It's is strongly recommended that you participate in both. Advance preparation and signup required. Registration now available. More information

Wilderness First Aid Classes for 2017

This is the 16 hour ECSI course designed by Philmont and meets the requirements for the BSA High Adventure Bases.

2017 courses: Jan 27-29, Feb 24-26, Mar 31 – Apr 2, Apr 28-30, May 19-21, Jun 2-4

Your District Resource: Unit Commissioners

Every Unit in Northern Trail has a district resource who is responsible for helping make you successful. Regardless of need, the Unit Commissioners can facilitate a resolution. You can find out who your UC is on the Northern Trail web site at

If you need more assistance, contact the district commissioner Joe Tavares., 214-675-4378.

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