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September 30, 2012

On The Calendar:

10/2 Tuesday District Committee Meeting
10/4 Thursday Commissioner Meeting
10/4 Thursday Boy Scout Adult Leader Specific, begins
10/7 Sunday Outdoor Expo Council Event
10/9 Tuesday Boy Scout Roundtable All Adult Leaders and Parents
10/9 Tuesday Arapaho Chapter Meeting Officer Election
10/11 Thursday Cub Scout Roundtable All Adult Leaders and Parents
10/13 Saturday Northern Trail to Adventure Cub Scout Fun Day!
10/16 Tuesday High Adventure-Venturing Forum Adult Leaders and Crew members

Personnel Change

Justice Hill is no longer the District Executive for Northern Trail District and has left professional Scouting. In the interim, please contact Michael Hunt, Field Director at 214-902-6720

Northern Trail to Adventure -- Saturday 10/13 Camp Wisdom

Come one, come all scouts, siblings, family and enjoy a day of Knighthood, the King, his Knights, and their squires will open the day @10:00am sharp with an exhibition of chivalry, and an awesome show of bravery. The King will Knight 20 scouts and will then open the rest of the day's activities. On-line registration now available! More information

Boy Scout Roundtable

The October Roundtable will be held Tuesday October 9th. Pick up new skills, ideas for your program and learn how to solve unit problems.

Cub Scout Roundtable

Flags, Community Service, and Citizenship will be the focus of our Oct 11th Roundtable - with a special guest appearance from the Richardson Fire Department. Discount of $1 on Roundtable books. Read More

High Adventure-Venturing Forum

The October Forum will focus on Expedition Planning & Superactivities, bring your questions and ideas. Tuesday, 2012, October 16 - 7:30pm. Read more.

More Training Opportunities

BSLS (Boy Scout Adult Leader Specific) Classroom Training begins October 4th. 7:00-9:30PM at FUMC of Richardson. Learn the details of a successful troop operation by doing. Great fun and you will come away with an understanding of the how and why of the scout program. More information.

OLT (Boy Scout Adult Outdoor Leader Training) has been scheduled for the Friday-Sunday October 26-28,2012. The outdoor camping program is the critical element of the scout program. Learn the details by participating in an actual campout. This training is intended as a companion to the classroom training above. Advance preparation and registration required.More information.

BAT Back Country Advanced Training begins Thursday, 2012, October 25 - 7:00pm. Philmont bound, this is the course for you. Both adults and older scouts. More information.

BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation), Saturday, 2012, November 10 - 8:00am. Taking Cub Scouts outdoors is a great way to keep them interested in scouting. Get the proper training on how to have a safe and enjoyable outings. More information.

OWLS (Outdoor Skills for Webelos Leaders), Saturday, 2012, November 10 - 8:00am to Sunday, 2012, November 11 - 12:00pm. Webelows are transitioning to Boy Scouts and that means overnight camping. Learn the ins and outs of taking scouts camping by participating in an actual campout. Oh, you will have a lot of fun in the process. Advance preparation and registration required. More information.

For more information, contact our training chairman, Bill Wilson at

Wilderness Advanced First Aid, 2/8-10/2013 & 2/15-17/2013.

Serious 40 hour course, you will be much better prepared for emergencies far from outside help after taking this course. More Information

University of Scouting 1/5/2013

The University of Scouting is a Scout leader's learning adventure! It is an action-packed, fun-filled single day of supplemental training where you choose the sessions you wish to take. More information.

Parent and Pal Weekend -- October 19-21,2012 More information

Oak Leaf -- Course is filling up fast.

Leadership training for Boy Scouts. November 10 - 11, 2012 More information

Pop Corn Sales, It's not too late!

Contact Michael Hunt at 214-902-6720 for assistance. More information.

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