Northern Trail District

Scouts BSA Adult Leadership Training (ALT)
Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS)

As a parent it is your turn to have fun!

Are you new to a troop, do you want to know more about how a Boy/Girl led troop works?

Have you ever felt insecure about what is happening or how a troop really works?

Are you an experienced Scouter but want to know more and be officially trained as an Adult Leader?

ALT/IOLS is a fun, entertaining, adult patrol oriented experience. It will presented as an all day Saturday event at the Circle Ten Office large conference room. If will be an interactive classroom setting learning how a Scouts BSA Troop works and 1 weekend at Camp Wisdom camping under the stars and learning many of the skills a boy scout needs to know in the outdoors. COVID protocols will be in place for the ALT and IOLS.

Why attend?

  1. Enjoy the knowledge and honor of an adult leader - whether just helping your troop when needed or you hold any position in a troop from Quartermaster, Treasurer, ASM, SM or other; whether you wear a uniform or not.
  2. Know more about what your son or daughter is involved in and how it actually works to create character and ethics in your child.
  3. Meet other adult scouters in your area, making new connections
  4. Have fun camping a short distance from downtown Dallas Enjoy learning from seasoned veterans
  5. All Parents & Adult Volunteers are encouraged to take this course.
  6. Learning is a lifetime trek; Learning how to improve the life of a child is a treasure.

Register here.

For Adult Leadership Training (Normally called Leadership Specific Training) join us Saturday, March 20, 2021 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Circle Ten office on Harry Hines.

For Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills join us the weekend of April 9-11, 2021 at Camp Wisdom on to enjoy new knowledge and fun times with other people that think like you do. Advance preperation required to participate.

Fee for both ALT & IOLS is $40