Northern Trail District

District Leadership

Name Position Email Phone
Steve Bloberger Chair (214)-727-9887
Hank Voegtle District Commissioner (214) 675-4378
Jorge Salazar District Executive (214)-738-3418
Joe Tavares Deputy Chair / Vice Chair of Program (214)-675-4378
Dale Grantham Vice Chair of Finance  
Chuck Holden Assistant District Commissioner  (817)-798-8170
Bram Franklin Membership Chair (214)-609-9089
Dory Petsrillo Training Chair (214) 906-0482
Tom Crain Activities Chair (214)-507-0419
Dr. Donald R. Blum District Safety Chair  
Dale Grantham District Friends of Scouting Family Chair  
Tim McConville  Popcorn Kernel  
Dave Hapeman Camp Card Chair  
Jeff Jacobie Camping Chair
Hunter Miller  Scouting For Food Chair  
John Slaughter Communications  
Robert Squyres Venturing District Coordinator (972) 699-0339
Bob Faulkner Advancement / Eagle Scouts Chair  
Tim McConville Co Camp Promotion & Outdoor  
Bill Wilson Co Camp Promotion & Outdoor (214) 213-0957
Dr. Harry Yankuner Awards & Recognition  
James Wells Scout Roundtable Commissioner  
Pete Brewer Venturing Roundtable Commissioner  
Kevin Smith Order of the Arrow Advisor  
Muhammad Ikram Order of the Arrow Chapter Chief  
Jimmy Greenwood Nomination Committee Chair  
Christi Ainsworth Twilight Camp Program Director  
Hank Voegtle Twilight Camp Director 214-341-5040
Donna Robinson Member at Large (214) 213-9272